• Waterless car wash: Waterless allows you to wash, polish and protect your car in a single operation, without using water;
  • High lubrication: Thanks to its highly lubricating formula, it reduces the risk of micro-scratches during cleaning, ensuring gentle care for your car.
  • Improves color and gives a shiny finish: Waterless not only cleans but also improves the color of your vehicle, leaving a silky, shiny finish for an always flawless appearance.
  • Anti Dirt Formula: The innovative Waterless formula limits the adhesion of dust and dirt to the bodywork, keeping the vehicle cleaner for longer.
  • Easy to use: Waterless is simple to apply and leaves no streaks, streaks or residue, making cleaning your car quick and hassle-free.
  • Not just for the car: Waterless is versatile and can be used on all external surfaces of your vehicle, but it is also ideal for cleaning every surface from motorcycles to airplanes;
  • Can be used in various climatic conditions: Effective both under direct sunlight and at high temperatures, Waterless guarantees excellent results without the risk of streaks or residues


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Waterless, from the Maniac line, is a revolutionary waterless cleaner that also offers extraordinary shine, and has been specially formulated to be compatible with nanotechnological coatings. This product presents a unique innovation: it can be used in complete safety even under direct sunlight or in high temperature conditions, without leaving streaks, streaks or stains due to evaporation.

Its innovative formula, enriched with synthetic polymers and an eco-friendly lubricant, allows you to obtain an extraordinary shine on car bodies and chrome surfaces. Waterless stands out for its ease of application, without leaving streaks or residues, making the buffing phase with a clean cloth unnecessary. You won’t have to worry about any overspray, as any excess product can be easily removed with a simple microfiber cloth. Waterless also leaves a self-cleaning protective layer on the bodywork, which limits the adhesion of dust and dirt, keeping your vehicle clean for a longer period. Not just for cars, but it is ideal for cleaning every surface, from motorcycles to airplanes.

Waterless offers optimal lubrication during the use of the cloth, minimizing the risks of micro-scratches caused by mechanical action. The synthetic polymers in the formula lift and encapsulate dirt, making it easy to remove without damaging or scratching the surface.

The result? An improved color and a silky, shiny finish that lasts over time.

It is important to keep in mind that, despite its extraordinary capabilities, this product cannot completely replace a traditional wash, especially when it comes to removing mud or encrusted debris. However, it can be a precious ally in the daily maintenance and care of your car.

For best results, we highly recommend using high-quality microfiber cloths. These cloths are specially designed to provide gentle, scratch-free cleaning on the surface of your car. We recommend using at least 6-12 cloths to completely and safely wash the entire vehicle.

The use of high quality microfibre cloths, together with Waterless from the Maniac Line, will allow you to achieve effective cleaning and keep your car in optimal condition.

In case of high temperatures, Waterless evaporates slowly, ensuring safe work without leaving residues or streaks and reducing the need for further finishing steps. If, on the contrary, temperatures are low, it evaporates quickly preventing the formation of streaks, as it does not excessively moisten the microfibre cloth which causes streaks and unsightly residues.

For this reason, professionals love this product because it allows them to save time and always achieve a flawless finish. This innovative product manages to protect and provide an anti-dirt barrier to all treated surfaces.

We suggest these simple steps to make the best use of the product:

  • Step 1:Dilute the product from 1:5 to 1:15
  • Step 2:Spray the product evenly on the surface to be cleaned, proceeding in small portions at a time (e.g. a panel).
  • Step 3: Let the product moisten the surface, softening the dirt.
  • Step 4:Fold the clean microfiber cloth into 4 parts.
    Pass the first side of the cloth over the surface, proceeding in one direction, gradually lifting it as you remove the dirt.
  • Step 5: After cleaning, finish the surface with a new dry and clean microfibre cloth
  • Step 6: Continue the cleaning process using a clean side of the cloth at each step

Rapporto di diluizione:

1:5 – 1:15

MA-FRA S.p.A. a Socio Unico – P. IVA 09894580969 | Via Aquileia 44/46 20021 Baranzate – Milano – Italy

It’s important to keep in mind that, despite its amazing capabilities, this product cannot completely replace a traditional wash, especially when it comes to removing caked-on mud or debris. However, it can be a precious ally in the daily maintenance and care of your car.
P102 Keep out of reach of children.
  • Always in the shade

    Wash your car in a shaded area and never in direct sunlight to prevent the shampoo from drying out and causing stains.

  • Never on hot bodywork

    If the car has been exposed to the sun or the bonnet is very hot, cool the surface with a jet of cold water.

  • Start from the top

    It is the least dirty part, you will avoid dirtying the glove: washing will be faster.

  • Try using two buckets

    In the first you will put the solution of water and shampoo, in the second only water to rinse the sponge or glove frequently: you will avoid scratching the bodywork.

  • Wash small portions at a time

    You won’t forget any spots, the product will be able to act at its best and without drying out: you will avoid stains and streaks.

  • Perfect circles

    To clean the rims, use a brush that can reach the most hidden points.


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