Maniac Line was created with the aim of expanding the offer and user experience for car care enthusiasts, for detailing within everyone’s reach, for those who by training or experience do not find their comfort zone in commercial products.

Maniac Line is for this reason complementary to and not a competitor of #Labocosmetica.
In fact, its purpose is to embrace a wider audience under a single flag, that of Made in Italy for detailing that is finally simple, with products that are easy to find on the market and with a way of use comparable to traditional products: without complications, without the fear of not being up to the job and with the certainty of obtaining a perfect and safe result on all treated materials.

Maniac Line is the line designed for you who love to take care of your passion without compromise.

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One man, one company, lots of passion.

mafra was born on the outskirts of milan, from the brilliant entrepreneurial intuition of franco mattioli.

Fifty years of success, exciting growth that has led it to play a leading role in a rapidly expanding market with original ideas and solutions, anticipating trends and guidelines. An absolute industry leader in every area: organizational, research, production, commercial.

all of our products
are proudly
made in italy.

Active health and safety management, certified quality, guaranteed by German TUV seriousness.

Respect for the environment through our demanding ISO14001 certification.